A focus on Africa 

Africa is one continent with more than 54 countries and multiple business opportunities. The quality of the logistics infrastructure vary from country to country and has an impact on the logistics cost and lead time to access the market. Therefore a higher-performing supply chain is a key factor of success in the emerging markets.

You can rely on Logisti-KA’s expertise on the African market to provide you with a tailor-made logistics solution.

Ethics and values

Ethical values are a core element of Logisti-KA business behavior. We adhere to the highest standards of competence, honesty and integrity.

Maintaining high ethical standards and upholding our values play a prominent role in all Logisti-KA services and provide the foundation upon which our customers base their confidence in us. 

Key differentiators 

Logisti-KA is offering independent consultancy services in the international logistics and supply chain management area. We are committed to provide you with pragmatics answers to your logistics needs in connection with all supply chain parties located in different trade zones. Also, our flexibility, reactivity and efficiency allow us to provide you with the highest level of services and meet your requirements successfully.

Are you looking for the best logistics solution for your business? 


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